Tactical Police Flashlight

Tactical Police Flashlight

There are so many flashlights for police. Some come with features that you have only ever dreamed of having, while others have the basics at a low cost. When it comes to buying a tactical police flashlight, you don’t just want to settle. You deserve the best tactical flashlight for your money and needs. Here are three to consider.

NIghthawk Ultra

The NIghtHawk comes with one of the longest battery lives at high use from the flashlights of 2016. It is also one of the smallest, making it easy to attach to a pistol or shotgun. The downside is there is no strobe effect and the brightness can be too much if you accidentally hit a mirror with it.

Streamlight by NIghtHawk

When it comes to high brightness use, the battery life may seem small but at low use it lasts for 3.5 hours. It also comes with a battery pack, unlike the NIghthawk mentioned above. You get a tactical flashlight strobe light, as well as the ability to change the brightness. This is perfect for all police flashlight needs.

NIghtHawk Striker

When you’re looking for the best tactical police flashlight for off duty, the Nighthawk Striker from nighthawkflashlight.com is one to consider. It is easy to conceal and slim. There is a pocket clip that can be either removed or shifted into two positions to make carrying it very easy. The battery life is also excellent, offering eight hours at the lowest light settings.

Finding the best tactical flashlight for your policing needs is possible. Make a list of all the requirements you need, and you will find something within your budget. The three above are just options available for 2016, depending on your current needs for your tactical police flashlight.


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