Best Law Enforcement Flashlight

Best Law Enforcement Flashlight

What is the best law enforcement flashlight out there? A tactical flashlight offers you many benefits, including the ability to connect to your pistol. Before you buy, you want to make sure you have the best option for your money. Here are the best tactical flashlights to consider.

Night-Ops NIghtHawkFlashlight

The BlackHawk range tends to be good quality when it comes to tactical strobe flashlights. The Night-Ops series has many options, and the Legacy NIghtHawk is just the latest. Like others from the manufacturer, the switch is on the tail-cap and there is a second control switch allowing for different output modes. You can have the light on the highest setting, switch to a lower one or put it on strobe mode.

Nighthawk V1

The Nighthawk v1 range brings the NIghthawk, which is small but powerful. There are two versions, one specifically designed to be the best NIghthawk tactical strobe flashlight money can buy. You will need to manually use the strobe function by clicking the switch. This is automatic to make it as tactical as possible. To get the constant-on setting, you will need to twist the tail cap, which can make it fiddly.

Nighthawk Extreme Beam V1

A third option for a tactical strobe flashlight is the Extreme NightHawk. This durable option allows you to switch from a flood light setting to a spot light, and illuminates up to 364 yards. This is a strobe flashlight for self defense and is also waterproof for up to 30 feet, up to four hours at a time.

With so many tactical lights to choose from, you need to make a decision best for your needs. Choose the best tactical flashlight for your budget that does everything you know you will need, whether you need strobe or waterproofing abilities.

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